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Koala Cam | Koala News #4


josh leo said...

I like the camera "here" the front/first view

William Hung Cooking said...

Thanks! Decisions, decisions!

Danielle said...

The first camera position was good because in the second, the lamp was in the way. You could have zoomed in a bit though, the focus is supposed to be YOU.

I'm quite excited for the pumpkin pie episode. So far my family's made 8 pies...for various holiday reasons.

Get better Jamie! Go to sleep when you're sick.

Jamie said...

Thanks!! yeah thats what other people are saying... :)

The Z :) said...

That's funny... I DON'T like pumpkin pie. I feel left out. hehe.

William Hung Cooking said...

its better with wiped cream...mmmmh! thanks for the comment!!

Amy said...

omg kitty forums!! lol!! i thought you would have some weird organic herb tea remedy or whatever!! oh yeah, i like the camera "overhere"!

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