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Daniel aka William said...

Hey guys!
Just to let everyone know, I am not dead. I have had a lot of homework lately and haven't had time to make videos :( . Anyway, expect a new video from me on Monday!

bobmst said...

Whew what a relief William ... the music on this one reminded me of the William Hung Cooking Show dances you used to do ... did you dance all the way out of Chicago Koala ?

Brandon said...

Daniel, welcome to my life! Adv/AP courses are a killer! Anyway great episode! Jaime, Next time you visit IL you will have to come and visit!

William Hung Productions said...

lol! i didnt know they offered AP courses to freshman, hm!

Amy said...

D= ahhh its H&M!! i really wanna go there cuz they have cute asian stuff there (i think)!! nice video!

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